Tobermore Shannon Driveway 

Introduction: Enhancing Driveway Design with Tobermore Shannon Blocks

Our recent Tobermore Shannon driveway project aimed to expand the entrance and increase parking capacity for visiting vehicles in Glasgow. The client’s desire for an eye-catching design led us to incorporate double tegula golden setts cobbles, achieving a stunning off-street parking driveway.


Rutherglen , Glasgow


Driveway- Walling-Artificial turf


8 days
Crafting an Elegant and Functional Driveway

We designed the new section of the driveway, located in front of a window next to the front door, using Tobermore Shannon block paving. These blocks, combined with a double golden tegula setts border, added elegance to the driveway. Despite the extra work involved, this design choice significantly enhanced the overall look of the driveway and the home.

Complementing the Home with Heather and Golden Tones

The Tobermore Shannon driveway, with its various spaces for cars, harmonised perfectly with the home. The heather and golden sett tones of the mono block paving beautifully complemented the surrounding area, seamlessly integrating with the property’s aesthetic.

New Retaining Wall and Brazilian Black Slate Tile Cladding

To accommodate the wider driveway entrance, we constructed a new retaining wall adjacent to the neighbouring property. We then clad the walls in Brazilian black slate tile, ensuring durability and style. This process involved removing any existing paint or render and using extra strength outdoor tile adhesive. The client plans to change their windows to black or anthracite, so the driveway’s colours and the Brazilian black slate walls will soon match the property’s future appearance.

Distinctive Entrance with Tobermore Shannon Driveway

The Tobermore Shannon 4-car driveway, bordered with golden sett tegula block pavers, truly stands out. The addition of a tiled step matching the new driveway in Glasgow sets this property apart from others in the area.

Lifetime Value and Assurance with Our Guarantees

With our company’s lifetime guarantee, Marshalls’ 10-year guarantee, and Tobermore’s 25-year product guarantee, this installation not only lasts a lifetime but also adds significant value to the home. Driveways like this exemplify why we are the best driveway company in Glasgow.