Tegula Driveway 

Introduction: Enhancing Curb Appeal with a Tegula Driveway in Glasgow

For our returning clients, Stewart and Mark, we recently completed a stunning Tobermore tegula driveway installation in Baillieston, Glasgow. This project marked our second collaboration in both garden and driveway transformations for them.


Baillieston, Glasgow


Driveway Installation


4 Days
Design Goals: Aesthetic and Functional Driveway

The primary objective for this Tegula driveway was to create two functional car parking spaces that were also visually appealing. We focused on incorporating driveway lighting and white marble chips to make the driveway as eye-catching as their beautifully designed home interior.

Innovative Pathway Design

We proposed and executed a unique 45-degree pathway leading to the front door, utilising Tobermore slate Tegula in two sizes. Despite the additional cutting required for this type of pathway, the feature significantly enhanced the overall impact of the driveway.

Complementing the Home with Tegula Block Paving

The driveway’s design, with two equally sized spaces, perfectly complemented the home’s architecture. The slate grey and charcoal tones of the Tegula block paving beautifully harmonised with the warm tones of the building, creating a cohesive look.

Drop Kerb Installation for Enhanced Accessibility

A crucial part of this project was the installation of a drop kerb to create a larger entrance for the two separate driveway spaces. This process involves replacing existing road kerbs with smaller bullnose kerbs, followed by paving with tarmac to match the surrounding pavement. We also assist with obtaining the necessary planning permission from local authorities.

Adding Elegance with Marble Borders and Lighting

The driveway’s L-shaped white marble border, accompanied by electrical lighting, added an elegant touch. Our expertise extends to helping clients incorporate lighting into their driveway or landscaping projects for added functionality and aesthetic appeal.

Long-Term Value and Guarantee

Our lifetime guarantee, coupled with Tobermore’s 25-year product guarantee, ensures that this installation will last for years. Moreover, the value that a new driveway adds to a property makes it a worthwhile investment, especially if considering a future home sale.