Rustic patio for a Rustic home.

Rustic Indian Sandstone pathways

This stunning home in giifnock really was lacking in a bit of style in contrast to the front of house.  between ourselves and the client we came up with this new fossil mint indian sandstone pathway and step combo.  truly stunning install.


Giffnock , Glasgow


Front of house - Indian Sandstone pathways


6 days

Here we have a stunning home on the outskirts of Glasgow in the lovely area of Giffnock. This amazing-looking bungalow had bags of energy and was vibrant with flowers and immaculate grass, the inside was just as eye-catching may I add, what this bungalow lacked though was an eye-catching paving and pathway system leading to the driveway and the separate gated access.

After much deliberation and various samples and design ideas, The Glasgow Paving Company – Driveway and landscaping specialists came up with a fossil mint Indian Sandstone area that would not only turn heads but would suit the style of the home would compliment the immaculate lawn and flowerbeds of this stunning home on the outskirts of Glasgow, the driveway colours at the side of the home tie in perfectly with new fossil mint Indian sandstone patio and pathways.

The existing block paving that was in place was tired old and in decay, The client had never liked it since the day it was installed, it did however match the existing driveway and patios of the house, however keeping a block paved pathway like this purely so it matches the driveway did nothing for the front of the house, this why in keeping the colours different to the driveway, this paving, which btw is almost exclusively used for patios in the back garden, is a truly stunning and eye-catching colour scheme to go with the home.

We took on board our client’s hopes and dreams for this patio and front-of-house design and the end result is honestly more than we could’ve ever imagined, it left our client feeling that she had finally found the perfect fit for the pathways and the seating area that their home deserved.

Another stunning install that we the Glasgow Paving Company – driveway and landscaping specialists can be proud of. its why we are classed as the best landscaping company in Glasgow, it’s not just stunning driveways and garden designs we install as you can see, sometimes the smaller jobs can make all the difference especially with our full lifetime guarantee on all driveway and landscaping installs.