Paving Repairs & Driveway Repairs

Driveway repairs and paving repairs in general are a common part of our job and one we actively take on and amend, its always difficult trying to repair someone else’s work which clearly hasn’t been done to standard but nevertheless we can almost always help in one way or another.

If your Driveway is sinking or ponding or you have excess chipped blocks or slabs please don’t hesitate to contact our team on 0800 048 0467.

Repairs to driveways. Poor driveway installations typically call for repairs that involve lifting the affected section and inserting a different sub-base. We then level, screed, and re-lay the affected area, compacting it with a whacker plate on the paving area

Driveway power washing. It would be a good idea to have us power wash the entire area before any driveway repairs are made. We will use a professional washer with a PSI of upwards of 2500 to provide a deep clean altogether. At this point, some of the dry kiln sand will leak out. this is fine however to secure the blocks together yet again, this has to be reapplied and is an important part of the process.

Sealing your driveway. The driveway may then be sealed with a Driveway Sealant, which will guard it from spills and marks in the future and also give t either a wet look or a matte type finish while keeping in the kiln sand. this can last up to 10 years

Re-grouting patio or paving. Repointing a patio is a laborious task that is more challenging than most people realise, even if it is achievable (especially with natural stone). It is advisable to chip away the old cement or resin with suitable tools before restoring a patio. patios coated in cement and now breaking up must be removed in its entirety. It is important to remove all of the cement, not just the top layer.