Marshalls approved landscaping register

The Glasgow Paving Company are a part of the Marshalls accredited landscaping register programme, which is the regulatory body for landscaping in the united kingdom. When on the Marshalls Register we are inspected and vetted frequently by independent inspectors who assess that our driveway and landscaping work and our employees are installing driveways and gardens to the highest specification possible. it’s can be a pain for us, but is great for our customers

Marshalls are the largest landscaping and groundworks suppliers in the whole of the uk. they provide ethically and sustainably sourced material for driveways, patios, walling,  slabbing and any other landscaping material required they source the finest materials available to landscaping companies in glasgow like us.

Being a Marshalls approved installer means that alongside our lifetime guarantee we also offer marshalls own 10 year guarantee which is only available to approved installers like ourselves.  what this means is that if you get a driveway or garden landscaping or garden design installed by us and for whatever reason there is remedial works required (there won’t be) that we can’t fulfill or undertake (we will) then marshalls will appoint another contractor to carry out these remedial works. it’s an added peace of mind for our customers and ensures that when you pick a driveways glasgow or landscaping design glasgow to be installed by the best driveway company in Glasgow

If a company is listed on The Marshalls Approved Paving Register, it is generally accepted in the paving industry that they are a respectable installer in Scotland. Marshalls is the only regulatory agency in Scotland that screens contractors for quality of workmanship. No matter if it’s Garden Design glasgow or landscaping in east refrewshire or Driveways Glasgow, they’ll make sure we install according to British standards.

help us transform landscaping in Glasgow and surrounding areas so that we can set standards of driveways and gardens makeovers with the highest degree of workmanship so that we can maintain our status as the best landscaping company in Glasgow.