Total Garden Makeover

Total Garden Makeover

A total garden makeover for Katrina and Ralph. This couple approached us with a vision for transforming their Uddingston residence into a sanctuary for entertainment, relaxation, and play – a space where their grandchildren could freely revel in the joys of youth.


Uddingston, Glasgow


Landscaping Makeover


3 Weeks
Introduction to Our Garden Makeover Journey in Glasgow

We embarked on an elaborate garden makeover journey in Glasgow, starting with the installation of an intimate porcelain patio discreetly located behind the garage. This area became a private retreat for dining and socialising. Adjacent, the masonry was meticulously clad in Town Grey Porcelain slabs, with a Sherwood Porcelain border for an elevated look. Additionally, bespoke flowerbeds were arranged, enhancing safety and creating a secure perimeter.

Creating a Harmonious Outdoor Living Space

Transitioning from the elevated enclave, our garden makeover design branched into pathways of the same premium porcelain. These paths mirror the house’s architecture and lead to a lush playground. Here, top-quality synthetic turf provides a foundation for endless entertainment. The surrounding raised porcelain planters, adorned with artificial buxus spheres, and white marble chips blend to form a low-maintenance, picturesque garden. Importantly, an emotive neon sign was added amid the artificial foliage, creating a personal sanctuary and contrasting with the robust hardwood fencing.

Masterful Use of Lighting and Fencing in Garden Design

The hardwood fencing, crafted from slender Siberian larch slats expertly spaced and secured, showcases the pinnacle of contemporary garden makeover design in Scotland. Dramatic effects are amplified by strategically placed up-and-down lighting fixtures. These lights cast a warm glow, transforming the Uddingston property into a nighttime masterpiece.

Beyond Typical Driveways: Showcasing Versatile Landscaping Talent

This project transcended typical Glasgow driveways and patios. Our skilled team demonstrated their vast capabilities in garden makeovers, focusing their talent and dedication on every detail. The resulting space harmoniously blends aesthetics with functionality, embodying modern Scottish garden design.

Personalised Landscaping: Crafting Spaces for Family Happiness

This unique landscaping endeavour in Uddingston was more than just transforming a space. It involved creating an environment attuned to Katrina and Ralph’s lifestyle and desires. From the secluded dining area to child-friendly zones, each element was crafted for the family’s joy. This project exemplifies how personalised landscaping can forge a luxurious, welcoming oasis.

Setting New Standards in Scottish Garden Makeovers

Our Uddingston garden is not merely a showcase of our landscaping expertise. It’s a testament to our commitment to crafting personalised outdoor living areas. With this project, we’ve redefined garden makeover design in Scotland, fusing innovation with classic elegance. This approach has created a home extension that Katrina, Ralph, and their family will treasure for years.