Landscaping Makeover

Introduction: A Landscaping Makeover in Carmunnock

This landscaping makeover in the quaint village of Carmunnock, on the edge of Southside Glasgow, is truly a design and landscaping marvel. The project showcases our ability to transform outdoor spaces into stunning, multifunctional areas.


Carmunnock, Glasgow


Landscaping Makeover


6 Weeks
Design Goals: Creating a Family-Friendly Garden

Our clients, Chris and Laura, had a clear vision for their garden: a space for entertainment, relaxation, and a safe area for their young son to play. Our design aimed to fulfil these needs while creating an aesthetically pleasing landscape.

Secluded Porcelain Patio for Dining and Entertainment

The first phase of the garden design featured a raised porcelain patio, discreetly located behind the garage. This private space was designed for dining and entertaining, featuring a brickwork wall with steps tiled in luxury porcelain slabs. A glass balustrade system was added for safety and security, enhancing the area’s privacy and elegance.

Seamless Transition to Play and Relaxation Areas

Descending from the patio, porcelain pathways echo the house’s architecture, leading to a splendid artificial grass area. This space, designed for the enjoyment of the little ones, perfectly balances artificial turf, raised porcelain planters with buxus balls, and white marble chips. The addition of an artificial screening with a neon sign creates a sentimental touch and beautifully contrasts with the hardwood fencing.

Stunning Fencing and Outdoor Lighting

The highlight of this landscaping makeover is the hardwood baton fencing, featuring thin strips of Siberian larch. The meticulous placement of these strips, combined with striking up-and-down lighting, brings a modern and sophisticated feel to the entire garden.

Conclusion: A Testament to Our Landscaping Expertise

Our skilled landscaping team, typically known for driveway and patio installations, really excelled in this project. Their dedication and expertise are evident in every detail of this breathtaking Carmunnock garden makeover, proving our versatility and commitment to exceptional landscaping.