Paving Repairs & Driveway Repairs

Introduction: Expertise in Driveway Repairs in Glasgow

Driveway repairs and paving repairs are a common, yet crucial part of our services at The Glasgow Paving Company, especially in Glasgow. We specialise in amending and fixing driveways that were not installed to the highest standards.

Challenges of Repairing Existing Driveway Work

Repairing an existing driveway can be challenging, particularly when the original work did not meet the required standards. However, our skilled team in Glasgow is adept at handling these challenges, ensuring we can provide assistance in almost any situation.

Common Driveway Issues and Solutions

If you’re facing issues like sinking driveways, ponding, or damaged blocks or slabs in Glasgow, don’t hesitate to reach out. Our typical repair process for poor driveway installations involves lifting the affected area, preparing a different sub-base, levelling, screeding, and relaying the area. We then compact it with a whacker plate to ensure a solid finish.

The Importance of Driveway Power Washing

Before proceeding with any driveway repairs, it’s advisable to power wash the area. Our team uses professional washers with high PSI for a thorough clean. This process may cause some dry kiln sand to leak out, but reapplying it is a crucial part of the repair process to secure the blocks again.

Sealing for Long-Term Protection

Post-repair, sealing the driveway with a quality sealant is essential. This not only protects it from spills and marks but also provides a choice of finishes while securing the kiln sand. A good seal can last up to 10 years, offering long-term protection.

Re-Grouting Patio or Paving

Repointing a patio, especially those with natural stone, is more labor-intensive than it seems. For patios with deteriorating cement, complete removal is necessary for effective restoration. Ensuring all the old cement is removed is crucial for a lasting repair.

Conclusion: Glasgow’s Go-To for Driveway Repairs

The Glasgow Paving Company is your reliable choice for driveway repairs in Glasgow. Our comprehensive approach to repair, cleaning, and sealing ensures that your driveway not only looks great but also lasts longer.

An image of a driveway in Glasgow | Driveway repairs Glasgow
An image of a driveway in Glasgow | Driveway repairs Glasgow