Does a Driveway add value to your home?

YES 100%!!

A Simple answer to a simple question. Driveways add value to your home in Glasgow!

Here’s why…

Landscaping studies show that adding a driveway to your home in Glasgow can increase the value of your property by 15% to 25%. There are certain factors that determine this and that percentage will change in different areas of Glasgow driveways, For instance, areas with lots of homes in built-up areas will benefit more than any other, however with 15% of your property value going up regardless of locations it really is a no brainer to add a new driveway to your home in Glasgow.

Here are some examples of why you would add a driveway in Glasgow and how it can benefit you in the long term…


You are thinking of moving home in Glasgow and are tempted to put your home on the market, The inside of your house is great and exactly the way you want it to look for prospective buyers. Then you walk out the front door and the garden outside your home is overgrown, tired and in need of some serious Glasgow Paving Company TLC! it requires serious landscaping or, yip! you’ve guessed it! a new driveway! You’ve long given up trying to maintain the shrubbery or cut the grass frequently as required. You walk down the path which has weeds protruding between the old tired slabs or tarmac and out onto the public footpath where you need to walk 20 metres down the road (past your neighbour’s lovely driveway) to reach your car due to the ever-increasing amount of cars per household. The street is busy and prospective buyers are going to struggle to park here when viewing your home. They will be put off instantly, won’t they? unless you had a great new 2 or 3-car driveway with colours and a style to match the home. When prospective clients pull up and see how busy the street is but the home they are interested in has a stunning driveway they are impressed before they even set foot in the house itself. no brainer in this regard to have a driveway isn’t it?


In this ever-changing modern world the need for off-street parking and driveways, in particular, is required more than ever, with children and young adults choosing to remain in the home longer than ever before, this means young adults who get on the road as soon as they hit legal driving age the need and requirement for space and driveways in Glasgow are forever increasing. Don’t be left behind, let us, The Glasgow Paving company – the best driveway and landscaping company in Glasgow and the west transform your way of life and give you the driveway you need!


Another massive advantage of having a driveway at your home is the peace of mind that your car or any other vehicles are stored safely close to your front door, or at least within eyeshot as you look out your window. Studies show that having off-street parking and driveways reduces your risk of not only your cars being targeted by thieves but also your home being burgled. There are easier cars out in the street they will target, so they aren’t going to come after yours, especially if you have CCTV pointing at your driveway.


With the lifetime guarantee we provide, you can rest assured that the driveway we installed will remain in the exact same condition as the day we left it, we are the only company in Glasgow that offers a lifetime guarantee. Help us transform landscaping and driveways in Glasgow to a standard and degree of the highest workmanship that Glasgow can be proud of so that we can maintain our status as the best landscaping company in Glasgow.

Thanks for reading and stay tuned for another blog on why garden makeovers can increase the value of your home.